Leading grocery retailers and third-party services across the United States are investing in and promoting their online grocery services extensively, placing their bets on online being a cornerstone of the new normal in grocery shopping routines. But are those services gaining traction with shoppers? The short answer is yes. The complete answer—perhaps not surprisingly—is more complicated.

Recent research by Kantar Consulting determined that 23% of all shoppers are now online grocery shoppers. 


Source: ShopperScape® Online Grocery Survey 2019

However, the research also reveals the continued importance of stores—even among online grocery shoppers:

  • Relatively few online grocery shoppers are ONLY online grocery shoppers: fewer than one-third of online grocery shoppers report that they do all or most of their grocery shopping online.
  • Online grocery shoppers are unlikely to give stores the edge on any aspect of grocery shopping, but online shopping holds a clear advantage on just a few factors, with shoppers often likely assessing there is no difference between the experience at stores and online.
  • More than four in 10 online grocery shoppers who use a click & collect service go into the store at least occasionally when picking up their groceries.

In short, understanding online grocery shopping behavior is not so much about looking at online grocery shopping in isolation, but increasingly about understanding omnichannel shopping ecosystems. 

To get more context and analysis about these insights and more, please join us at our eCommerce & Omnishopper conference in Boston on April 3-4 and our Retail Planning Conference on May 21-22 in Chicago. 

Additionally, in the coming weeks, we’ll be publishing a complete overview of our research findings, including strategic insights on key players in this space: Walmart Online Grocery Pickup, Kroger Pickup, Instacart, and Amazon’s on-demand services, including Prime Now.

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