DHL Africa eShop is a new app-based platform from the global logistics provider intended to offer Western retailers easier access to Africa’s emerging markets. Using startup’s Link Commerce proprietary service, Africa eShop will make products from over 200 US and UK retailers available in 11 African markets.

Early adopters include Macy’s, Gap, Amazon, TK Maxx, John Lewis, Zara and Next, among others. Apparel and beauty players appear to be the most enthusiastic participants in the scheme, with a spectrum of offers involved, from low-end UK value specialists like and Shoezone to high-end brands like Ralph Lauren and Apple.

The selected countries announced by DHL are South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Mauritius, Ghana, Senegal, Rwanda, Malawi, Botswana, Sierra Leone and Uganda. Payments will be handled by local digital payment services like M-Pesa and Paga.

DHL is leveraging its existing infrastructure on the continent using its DHL Express shipping, tracking and courier service to handle shipments and logistics.

Source: Techcrunch